UGC-NET 2022:
7 Ultimate Study Tips for Last 7 Days

Creating FlashCards is a great way to review important information outside of your normal studying scchedule

UGC-NET Study Tip-1: Create Flashcards for key terms & concepts

Organizing your notes is a great way to see what you’re actually missing and what topics you need to spend a little extra time on before your exam.

UGC-NET Study Tip-2: Organize your notes

Mnemonics are great for remembering facts and figures

UGC-NET Study Tip-3: Review your mnemonics and key terms

These are the core concepts that your course instructors wanted you to understand.

UGC-NET Study Tip-4: Review your class material

Your exam material is much more specific and tailored to the exact questions that you’ll be asked on your exam

UGC-NET Study Tip-5: Organize your Exam Material

The best way to study for exams is to spread your studying out over a number of days, not hours in Last Night.

UGC-NET Study Tip-6: Don't cram the night before

UGC-NET Study Tip-7: 

Review your notes & highlight only the most imp. information

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