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How to Crack UGC-NET 2022 Commerce Exam in 1st Attempt

All about UGC-NET Exam | What is UGC-NET Exam

UGC-NET exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) twice in a year on the behalf of University Grant Commission (UGC).

NTA-UGC-NET Exam is the minimum eligibility criterion for the post of assistant professor or Junior Research Fellowship in Indian colleges or in universities.

Annually approximately 8 Lakhs students attempt for UGC-NET Exam and amongst them, the top 6% are declared as UGC-NET qualified.

Students who qualify this exam are eligible for lectureship in colleges or universities and students who are topper in their respective subjects in UGC NET, receive Junior research fellowship (JRF) while pursuing Ph.D. or research.

The student can avail this fellowship amount Rs.31000/- he/she join Ph.D or research project.

This fellowship is given for 5 years in total. After 2 years as JRF the student is promoted as a senior research fellow where he/she receives a stipend of RS.35000/- while pursuing Ph.D/research.

UGC-NET is still the mandatory criteria to become an assistant professor.

UGC-NET 2022 Exam Pattern  

The examination is conducted as a computer-based test (CBT). There are two papers in NTA-UGC-NET Exam. Both papers have multiple-choice questions (Objective) without any negative marking.

The duration of the test is 3hrs. Paper 1 is teaching and research aptitude which is general in nature.

There are 50 questions with 2 marks each in Paper 1 and 100 questions with 2 marks each in paper 2. It evaluates student’s reasoning ability, divergent thinking, and general awareness of the student.

Paper-II is the subject selected by the student. It is generally the subject in which he/she has done his/her masters.

Student should score 40% marks each in Paper-1 and Paper-2 as a minimum eligibility criterion for consideration into merit list that is prepared subjectwise.

Paper Marks No of Questions MCQs Time duration
I 100 50 Teaching and Research Aptitude. Both exams will be conducted within 3hrs without any break.
II 200 100 The subject selected by the candidate.

ugc net exam preparation strategy

What is the Strategy to quality NTA-UGC-NET June 2022 Commerce  exam in 1st Attempt

  • Go through your syllabus and identify your weaker and strong areas.
  • Be familiar with the paper pattern and the marks system so that you can consider this
  • Deep knowledge of the subject is necessary.
  • Start with your weak topics so that you can feel confident stay motivated.
  • Read every concept in detail minute detail matters in cracking the exam.
  • Each topic should be covered with practice questions. This is very important to evaluate yourself.
  • Previous year’s questions are very important to cover with each topic so that you can have an idea about the type of question which are asked in the final exam. Make your strategy around these questions.
  • Try to work on your weaker points. Practice each and every question from the previous year’s papers.
  • Keep yourself updated with the current affairs related to international business.
  • Try to cover the whole syllabus in time and in the last month, do revision with practice, to sum up the entire syllabus in time.

UGC-NET Commerce/Management June 2022:

Important UGC-NET 2022 Commerce topics & Sub-topic to focus upon.

Unit 1 – Business Environment and International Business

  1. Theories of International Trade
  2. modes of entry into the international business
  3. Monetary and fiscal policy
  4. FDI, FPI, types of FDI,
  5. Consumer Protection Act, FEMA
  6. Balance of Payment
  7. SAARC, NAFTA, ASEAN, EU Trade creation and diversion effects.IMF, World Bank, WTO,

Unit 2: Accounting and Auditing

  1. Partnership accounts
  2. Accounting Principles
  3. Marginal costing and break-even analysis, standard costing
  4. ratio analysis, cash flow statement
  5. Independent financial audit; vouching; verification ad valuation of assets and liabilities; cost audit

Unit 3: Business Economics

  1. Law of demand & elasticity
  2. Consumer behavior; utility analysis, Indifference curve analysis
  3. Theory of cost
  4. Perfect competition; Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly
  5. Price discrimination

Unit 4: Business Finance

  1. Lease financing
  2. Capital budgeting decisions
  3. Capital structure
  4. International financial markets and instruments; Euro currency; GDRs; ADRs, exchange rate risk

Unit 5: Business Statistic and Research Methods

  1. Correlation and regression of two variables, types; research designs
  2. Sampling and estimation
  3. Hypothesis testing along with different tests; z test, t-test, ANOVA, chi-square test

Unit 6: Business Management and Human Resource Management 

  1. Principles and functions of management
  2. Motivation and leadership: concept and theories
  3. Collective bargaining and workers participation in management
  4. performance appraisal

Unit 7: Banking and Financial Institution

  1. Financial markets: Money market; Capital market
  2. Reserve bank of India: functions & role
  3. Financial regulators in India

Unit 8: Marketing Management 

  1. Product life cycle and New Product Development
  2. Promotion decisions; promotion mix; tools and techniques
  3. Pricing decisions: factors affecting price determination; pricing policies and strategies
  4. Market segmentation

Unit 9: Legal Aspects of Business

  1. Indian Contract Act, 1872, Sale of Goods Act, 1930, Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, Companies Act 2013
  2. Limited Liability Partnership, Competition Act, 2002, Information Technology Act, 2000,
  3. RTI Act, 2005, Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs), Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Unit 10: Income-tax and Corporate Tax Planning 

  1. Residential status, Agricultural income
  2. Deductions from Gross Total Income
  3. clubbing of incomes, Tax avoidance versus tax evasion

Time to devote daily for UGC-NET Commerce preparation

Ideally, the hours of study totally depend on the student’s capacity to learn. Each student has different capacity so initially, you should start with basic concepts to make a habit to sit for 10-12 hrs. on daily basis.

You should manage your time is such a manner that you get ample time in the last for the revision.

UGC-NET Commerce 2022: Topic wise weightage pattern (Based on PYQPs)

There are 10 subjects in paper-2 and total number of questions is 100, so most of the time from each topic 10 questions asked in exam. This way, we can say that we should prepare all topics if we are targeting JRF.

How to manage time during the final UGC NET 2022 Commerce exam.

Firstly attempt the questions in which you are most confident. keep a track of question which you can solve but need some time. such questions should be attempted in the second round.

Try to save time for a very quick revision of the attempted questions. Take utmost care while marking the answer and submitting it, as few students know the answer but carelessly mark the wrong option.

Which books topic-wise/study material is best for preparation? (NTA-UGC-NET 2022: Commerce) 

  1. Business Environment and International Business – IB: Sumati Varma
  2. Accounting and Auditing – J.R. Monga
  3. Business economics -12th class book of Microeconomics
  4. Business Statistics and Research methods -S.P.Gupta
  5. Business management and human resource management: For BM- T.N. Chhabra & for HRM: K Aswathappa
  6. Marketing Management -Philip Kotler
  7. Business finance -M.Y. Khan & P.K. Jain
  8. Banking and financial institution – cover by Internet
  9. Legal Aspect of Business – Business and Industrial Law” by L.C. Mittal / G.K. Kapoor /Reena Chadha.
  10. Income Tax and Corporate Tax Planning -H.C. Malhotra , Girish Ahuja/ Taxmann

How to set a daily timetable for exam (NET) preparation.

  • Divide your syllabus into small sections and set a weekly target for it.
  • Must devote 2hr for Paper-1 revision.
  • Must attempt 1 previous year’s paper of Paper-1 each day.
  • 5–6 hours for revision for Paper-.2
  • Must analyze Previous Year Papers for Paper-2 as well.

Can we qualify UGC-NET 2022 Commerce exam without coaching?

Yes, anyone can qualify for this exam without coaching. For this, you must pinpoint your strategies, strength and weaknesses, regular practice of previous year’s questions, etc.

If you can do all this at your own then you need not join a coaching program. But, in exam preparation, ‘time’ is a valuable asset. So for optimum use of ‘time’ students generally go for the coaching program.

As the competition level is increasing day by day with the increasing number of applicants for the UGC NET Exam, it is very important for the candidates to prepare and revise the syllabus in time. Coaching can provide you smart work with hard work.

NTA also conductes CSIR-UGC-NET which is for science stream students. The main difference between these two is that, UGC NET is conducted for students of arts, humanities and languages discipline and there are more than 100 subjects in this.

CSIR UGC NET is conducted for science students and only 5 subjects are there into this. For more information you can visit here.

UGC-NET June 2022 Syllabus

You can find the Syllabus for NTA-UGC-NET JUNE 2022 – Here

There is no shortcut to success. There is no substitute to hard work. So, study hard and achieve your goals.

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